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Hi, I am Mrs. Adaku Okoro. I am a Diabetes Health Consultant, a Cell Biologist, and a Geneticist. I am a staunch advocate for Diabetes Solutions. I love to educate people to learn how to explore the role of healthy gluten free, low carb high fiber, no sugar diet plan as a preventive, adjunctive, and alternative strategy for the prevention and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and the management of Type 1 Diabetes.

Mission Statement.

My mission is to empower every diabetic person to learn to become their own high blood sugar busters. I aim to achieve that purpose through numerous trainings and consultation services for diabetics as well as using our range of healthy foods products. I am dedicated to making every diabetic person's wish come true.

Vision Statement.

My vision is to be a hub where millions of diabetics all over the world can go to when they seek for solutions on how to manage their blood sugar appropriately and to also create a better everyday life for diabetics, to keep being the best coach online, giving hope and value to diabetics.

My Goals.

  • To provide diabetes health tips and news 

  • To support with the best products and services

  • To educate and empower you with the best type of diet plans for diabetics

  • To educate on how to eat  healthy and live an active lifestyle.

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I am a Cell Biologist, a Geneticist and a Diabetes Dietitian. A Blood Sugar expert